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Everyday, I am learning all kinds of girl you got that yummy yummy, #tiktok reference lol, information about human hair wigs and how they obtain the hair for these units. There is so much information to learn and I love it. According to

,the hair wigs and extension market is expected to reach more 10 billion dollars by the year 2023. This is what original got me so intrigued on the subject. I mean I am in the business and just a small percentage of that 10 billion would change my life!

While researching for my last article about the hair industry in the next 10 years, I learned about the monk tradition to tonsure and why they do it. Removing all or part of the hair on the head is traditional among monks it is called tonsure. This practice reflects a monastic lifestyle aimed to express a release of materialism, worldly attachments, ego-based activities and vanity. Tonsure, from Latin word tondere- (to shear), is often associated with Catholic monks. The tonsure has the different variations. Eastern style, which involved shaving the head completely bald. Roman tonsure just shaved the crown and Celtic monks shaved the front part of their head from ear to ear and leave the back hang. Apparently, the lack if hair also gives people more time and energy to pursue the life of spirit through prayer, meditation and tends to decrease concern over one's appearance. This was very interesting to me because that seems to be the exact opposite for women in the USA.

I believe when women have a bald head for whatever reason, the human mind thinks the worst, cancer. Don't believe me, what do you think when you see someone with a bald head?

The other thing I found interesting is the process. Although I can not find the article again, I read that the ceremony is a line of barbers that take a straight razor and shave the hair to the scalp. The crazy thing is that they shave the head in like 5 minutes. Most of the hair after the tonsure contains blood, lice sweat and dirt. ughhh. It is like learning how they make hot dogs and still eating them, lol. Lastly, the hair obtained from tonsuring only makes up for 30% of the industry, the other 70% of hair, they have no idea where it comes from.

I am trying to learn where is our hair coming from and what are we really wearing on heads.


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