Sunday When I Wake

This Sunday, I awoke at 6am to the aroma of beef sausages, eggs and toast being handed to me by the most visually satisfying man I know. He is the perfect amount of caramel that is not to hard and smooth. The breakfast made me shine. I love you Doe. As I write, i am blushiiiinnnngggg, lol. Omg y'all. I am so in love. Speaking of love, I am so glad he loves me because, I wasn't hungry. I know y'all like you better had ate that dam breakfast. But, I didn't. I don't eat breakfast really. What.t So listen, hear me out. Clears throat.

#inmymind I love Doe, but if he would have thought about me, he would have known I am just as grateful for a coffee, a kiss, a blunt and some good ass head. Lmfao.

I eventually ate the breakfast, straight smashed.

I am so grateful for him. He took my plate and put it in the microwave until, I got hungry. So, sweet, I melt.

His heart is hard but soft, angry but gentle, kind but rude, everything I never knew I needed.


The shine

Waking up every morning shining like a star.

The shine of the warm sun through the window from afar.

The shine I feel when I feel with you deep in the grind.

The shine of my smile when you grab me from behind.

The shine from the tears rolling from my eyes.

The shine from the pussy juice running down my thighs.

The shine as he gently wipes my tears and says baby we gon be okay.

The shine as you kiss my lips my energy radiates.

The shine as I think I would go to hell and back with you.

The shine I see when I look at you and I know you would do dat shit too.

There is something bout that shine.



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