Scared and Naked

"By the time I was able to be afraid, images of my nude body were in a stranger's camera. WTF?"

A new year is a coming, whether you are prepared or not.

Every year, during the pre new year motivation season, I am ready to change something. I think I be feelin' the 'New Year, New Me' vibe in the air. Lol.

Well this year, I was conquering fear. Fear of public nudity.

Let's rewind.

My creative mind is so big.🙄 I sometimes find myself sitting at lights creating things while horns blare, jolting me back to reality.

Note-I need a dam chauffer, lmfao.

Well this time, while I was driving/creating, I had this thought about Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, The Virtruvian man.


My mind thought first, what is the definition of vitruvian? After looking it up, I discovered it isn't defined, virtruvian man is named after an architect named Virtruvious. Virtruvious and Da Vinci combined their knowledge and created the very intricate philosophical and mathematical components to this painting. That's a rabbit whole I ain't traveling down now, but you do know that the virtruvian man was nude. Complete with penis and pecks. That made me think, where is the Virtruvian woman? Because this whole concept is deep deep. It's connected to life and existence and creation. All that jazz.

Yup, I started researching. YouTube and Google are the perfect dynamic duo. Education is always at the tip of your fingers.

I learned, to my knowledge, she is me. Because no other women has created this mathematical and philosophical description of perfection in the visual of a woman.

This vision was given to me. And I was determined to make it happen.

It was either fate or stupidity at this moment. I met this guy at the legal marijuana joint in town. Okay, already crazy, right? But yup, he was cool. We liked him, me and my fiance. He mentioned he was a photographer and began to show me some of his work. I was impressed. They were amazing shots, but they were are of elegant, beautiful and nude women. Immediately I thought, what say it out loud, the virtruvian woman. It was preparation meeting opportunity, in my mind.

So, there I was in my silk burgundy robe, nude underneath and my family surrounding me.

It was time to bare ass in front of a white man I had just met. But fuck it. I looked around, I saw my friend, Ann sitting in the salon chair napping because she had worked all day long, but she was gonna be there with me for this. She would wake up and say something funny every now and then.

Next, I saw my love, my senpai watching me. He had so much protection in his eyes. I knew it wasn't a spider that could touch me. He made me feel safe, secure and confident. He makes me feel that so many days.

Lastly, I saw my daughter, my best friend being present and helpful. That was different. It was refreshing, as she would say.

Preparation meeting opportunity, I was prepared and confident, my recipe for success.

Yes, I nailed the shoot. My daughter created this amazing human statue digital creation, my son helped create the math for the image, fiance and best friend gave moral support and I created this blog, a YouTube video and a marketing campaign surrounding the virtruvian woman.

Without fear, I ran towards my nude shoot with a stranger. The shoot took about an hour. We ended up with 407 images.

When it was all done, and he left with my photos, I immediately felt naked. No pun intended. Then came fear. But, by the time I was able to be afraid, images of my nude body were in a stranger's camera. WTF? For two days I thought, what if he leaks my images? What if he trying to human traffic me and he uses my images to show people? OMGGGG.

But nope, it was just me defeating fear. On Christmas day, he brought all of the photos and I am very pleased. What do you think?


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