Hair Industry 10 years from Now

Updated: Jan 18

If you love human hair wigs or extensions, I'm sure you thought, where are all of these humans that are cutting their hair off? Lol.

While most just think the question and keep it pushing, I just got to know. How long will human hair be available? Will it ever run out?

Well, I think it will.

According to, it is well known that in India, men and women donate their hair for religious reasons. The practice of shaving hair and offering hair as a sacrifice is known as Tonsuring. The hair donated by the men is largely used for the extraction of l-cysteine; L-cysteine is a semi-essential amino acid that is obtained industrially by hydrolysis of human hair.

It is used in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. The women's hair is sold for wig making.

At a small temple in Chennai, India, dozens of Hindu women sit on wooden chairs, waiting for their hair to be shaved. Each year, the Sri Bhavani Amman Temple collects more than three tons of hair from the heads of pilgrims.

Upon learning this I thought, 3 tons doesn't seem like a lot. When I looked it up, there were over 16,000 tons of various hair products, ranging from human hair to wool, that was exported in 2011 for the preparation of wigs and hair extensions. That was roughly 4,000 tons higher than the year before. Just imagine what that number looks like now. So, again where is this hair coming from?

"Only a minority of hair comes from temples," reads an article on In India, a regional Minister for Textiles and Commerce told The Guardian, “all the Indian temples together contribute only 20 out of every 100 locks of premium hair sold abroad.” The Minister added, “Where the rest comes from, we have no idea.” Retailers and wholesale providers we spoke to voiced similar uncertainty.

This is crazy to me but #inmymind, unless I am standing in the stinky temples of Chennai, while 600 barbers shave dirty, sweaty, bloody heads bald, I am on my quest to learn where hair really comes from or create a safe alternative that provides the same benefits of human hair.

My prediction is that human hair weave will be duplicated so efficiently that it will be the

more desired alternative. It will be the new trend.

Just think, my human hair alternative... thought bubble emerges💬

My mind has created fiber optic 'hair'. Soft fiberoptic tresses that flow like human hair but glow like jelly fish under the moon. In the making.

The point is human hair weave, like all things rotate in trends. states better synthetic hair is coming. As China and India’s economic growth has reduced poverty, hair donors have been harder to find, which has increased prices and pushed companies to research alternatives. In the last 5 years, Mo Hefnawy of Lori’s Wigsite tells us, progress has been made on making synthetic wigs thicker and more heat-resistant. “I’d give it a few more years and they will have it,” he says.

I don't know bout y'all but, I think we are on to something.


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