Göt 2 B Glue or Hairspray?

People on Tik Tok are cruel.

I recently posted a Tik Tok video of me brushing my niece's hair into a smooth ponytail using Göt 2b Glued Freezespray, she was cute. Now, many people were nice in the comments, but some were straight evil. They said her edges are gonna fall out from hairspray, they said she has no edges, her ponytail isn't that good and more. I have over 300 comments under that post.

First, let me address the fact that she is a little girl that loves her hair no matter what people say. Also, this isn't a style she wears regularly.

I decided to do her hair because we were getting ready to do the Bubblegum challenge video for my YouTube channel. My youngest niece already got her hair done so I decided to shampoo, condition, round brush and place my oldest niece's hair in a smooth ponytail.

I shampooed her hair twice and conditioned her. I then added s factor smoothing lusterizer cream to her hair and round brushed her smooth as I could.

Her now smooth dry hair is more easily smoothed. With just a few sprays and a blow dryer we got a nice puff.

I use this technique for my natural clients that want a smooth ponytail without gel or jam.

I love #tiktok and I thought it'd be a cool video to quickly demonstrate how I smooth 4c texture, as it's called, hair into a smooth puff. I hadn't considered so many people were unaware that this hairspray is hard hold freeze spray for spikes or hard styles, not wig glue.

I want to say, I do not recommend daily brushing of your edges and piling on layers of hairspray. That just sounds bad. But this spray alone does not remove edges. Smoothing up your edges for your wig or your ponytail.

Used properly, it can be a valuable technique to master, a quick smooth ponytail. Some techniques require tons of gel and grease and dryer time.

If you are running short on time, have thick hair and want a smooth ponytail, this is the technique for you.

When it's time to remove your ponytail, wash your hair to remove spray.

Let's talk about the spray itself. Göt 2b originated in Berlin, hence the German name Schwartzkofp. It is a high hold freeze spray for hair.

This spray does contain alcohol denat which like any alcohol can cause dryness with excessive use. Also, most aerosol sprays contain alcohol. So what, it's not gonna kill your hair to use this hairspray or people wouldn't continue to use it. For at least 3 years we been using Göt 2b.

The last thing but not the least, Göt 2b is not glue for wigs. This spray became popularized for wig use because it works very well. I use it for my wig regularly.

I find it interesting when you Google Göt 2b the website appears at the top of the search with no images. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the loads of African American women using this perfectly colored yellow spray on their wigs.

If you click the website, you will see a white guy with slightly spiked hair. Nothing about how to use it with wigs, no tips or suggestions, nothing.

The spray does work but it ain't made for what we use it for. It just works.

To everyone showing love on my tiktok thank you. To everyone one else, keep doing ya job.

Thanks for reading. #ontherightpath


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