Stop Celebrating Holidays, Smh.

Stop. Celebrating. Holidays. That's it, that's all. Really, y'all holiday supporters leak your stress into the world, through traffic, long ass lines, backed up highways, you name it. Leave a comment with your holiday 'stress leak'.

When I think back to a time when holiday stress was at its finest in my life? I think back to when I was broke during Christmas time. That made me the most stressed.

I hated it. It felt so defeating. Everywhere you go people ask, "what you getting the kids for Christmas?"

Hum... since I hadn't quite figured that out yet, that question would bring tears to my eyes. Every year I managed to pull off fantastic holidays, but when I think back to what Christmas is supposed to be like? This wasn't it. I would buy gifts for everyone, even if I couldn't afford it. Then I would bounce back at tax time. You know, or maybe it's only me.

Anywho, that's what I lived. I have two children and back then, we celebrated christmas and they wanted gifts, shit I wanted them to have gifts. That was how I was raised and they were raised like I was. We celebrated Christmas every year very festive, if I do say so myself. I mean like over the top, two trees filled with gifts, egg nog, huge meal, the kids got to open one gift on x-mas eve, that just so happened to always be pajamas. LOL. The whole nine. Did I stop celebrating? Nope.

When I think back to what truly made me stop celebrating the holiday festivities, I think it was my children's lack of interest in the holiday. They only wanted the gifts or the money. People around me wanted the same things, even if it wasn't from me. I hated choosing what to buy people. Well, my son is different, he wanted unique things. But nonetheless, he never cared about the gifts or the money anyway.

In the beginning, Christmas was equally enjoyable together time for the family but as the years passed, I was stuck putting the damn tree together myself and begging the kids to help. It was work. Annoying work. The kids eyes no longer sparkled in the lights with happiness of the day, they seemed to glow with greed using the opportunity to get what they couldn't afford themselves. Scary, but true, I did it.

Just to sum it up, the reason I say "Stop celebrating holidays." Is because, I find peace not spending money to describe how much I care one time a year. It helps me give thoughtful and useful gifts throughout the entire year. How many times you 'dun bought a ten dollar gift just because. but WHY? I say.

So, whether I'm broke or rich, I got peace at Christmas. And that's what people sing about during the holidays. I got the best of both worlds. I no longer feel obligated to disappoint anyone, 'cuz I just don't do that shit.

Hey Readers,

As you might have guessed I do not believe in Santa Claus. Lmfao. Even though I do not celebrate the holiday, I still love to make a big meal and eat with the fam. We gonna chill, eat, laugh and have a good time like any other day. Ain't no gift exhange.

This is why.

First of all, I AM BOUJHETTO, that is a little boujee and a little ghetto, I do not like for people to buy me fragrances, clothes, jelewry... see I bet you prob'ly thinkin, I wouldn't buy shit for yo ass! So, That's a bit more about me see you in the next session.

Ready to celebrate #bestressfree ? Good news!

You can add #smiles #peace #money in yo pocket throughout your holidays and invest it, so you make more. So go ahead and #bestressfree and meake money!


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