Are you an illegal stylist?

Cause we all gotta start somewhere.

An illegal stylist is a stylist that does some bomb ass hair and never received a cosmetology license. That was me in 2000. Washing hair in the kitchen sink. Yes sir!

Do you remember the way the hot comb smelled of burnt hair all through the house from heating the straightening combing on the stove? How about cleaning the vacuum brush wrapped in so much hair weave that you had to cut the brush free? What I remember most, is sitting on the couch, with someone between my legs, spread open... really wit yo dirty mind, as I am braiding Iverson braids for hours. You ever did Iverson braids? They take forever! Lmfao

All of these memories remind me my illegal stylist days. Yessss, I slayed some heads in the kitchen and made bread in the kitchen and I ain't talking bout sourdough. #bars

I started hair school in 2000 and in 2002, I received my cosmetology license. Tbh, when I was in hair school, I spent most of my days on the floor doing hair. I didn't get to learn a lot of the book information. I do hair. Styling hair is in me.Truth is, I never needed hair school to do hair, can you relate? I didn't learn how to do hair in school, I taught myself.

It's a benefit for all stylists, whether licensed or illegal, to learn more about hair structure function as it's connected to hair health.

Our talents do not come from books. Getting your cosmetology license doesn't guarantee you will do hair good or vice versa.

So, what's up to all my bomb as hair stylist everywhere! Education is the key.


 Rayshone Oliver

 Youngstown, OH 44512

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