Applying for the Amber Grant

I didn't even know I could qualify for a grant. I guess, it just never was presented to me as an option for my business.

It's funny how the universe led me to this grant opportunity. I was watching or listening to Gary V and he talked about how important LinkedIn is and how you should remain active on this platform. So, ofcourse, I begin sprucing up my LinkedIn profile. A couple of days ago, while performing the Linkedin scroll, I came across this article entitled, "List of grants for African American women"

Now granted, this list was not grants 'only' for African American women, but nonetheless, I am grateful for this gem. The Amber Grant, to which I am applying, is not specifically for African American women. It was placed in my path, 1st Grant on this list and the Amber Grant felt like could actually attain.

When I first began writing, I had a lot of moments of clarity. I must be honest and say, I researched everything I could and one thing is that they were so right in saying, whether you get the grant or not, the learning you gain from the process is priceless.

The Amber Grant was first and very simple. Or so I thought. I want to take a moment and say, "to the women who take the time and energy to submit for this opportunity are wonderful!" Each and every one of us. This is a very diligent process and I really enjoyed it. I wanna know if other women found it as rewarding as I have? This process enabled me to see my business in a broad, optimistic and growth oriented view. Thank you Christina, Marcia and Kelsey for creating such an opportunity. My dream is to continue fueling your vision.

So, if you are a women! Apply! Take your time take it serious.

Special note to black women:

Only 26 black women have successfully raised one million dollars in funding. We have to keep trying.

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