6 signs you'll have an Orgasm during your first kiss

This is human nature's first test of chemical and physical connection. Having sex needs to equally satisfying to both of y'all. If you look for it, there is so much to learn about your partner during your first kiss. Mainly, if you will


You will have a higher chance of an orgasm if your partner's breath is pleasant while kissing. You won't even make it past first date, let alone orgasm if their breath stinks. Maybe this is workable, mints??? If your date smokes or doesn't have good dental hygiene you might have a ruff time bussing a fatty while devil breath is panting over you.

You know if you will have an orgasm if the kiss feels good. We all know the feeling of a kiss that begins at your toes and moves all the way up your spine, tickles your heart and through yo soul. What that is, is dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone released when you are in anticipation of something. If you feel dopamine crazy during your kiss, you probably gonna pop that cork.

Do you wanna keep kissing? If you wanna kiss for a really long time. If you feel the need to lock lips with your partner because you are on a dopamine high and ready, you prob gonna pour out the buttermilk. You prob ready to do it right now, just thinking about it. Lol.

If you enjoy the kiss you are more likely to milk the cow. IJS, If you in mid kiss and they to aggressive, to messy, to spitty, to hard, to soft, not enough tongue, too much tongue. All this needs to be right.

You gotta be in the mood to bust the coconut. Does their kiss put you in the mood. Do you feel all of your reproductive organs begin to function?

If the kiss makes you desire a relationship, you'll probably pump the soap out the bottle. If you already ready and willing to bust that almond joy, its easier to get the nut.

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