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My Purpose

I, Rayshone Oliver, created Weave N Luxury in an effort to help people who have trichotillomania, alopecia or other hair loss disorders. At five years old, my daughter was missing a visible amount of her eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp hair. I soon realized the cause of this hair loss was her, pulling out her hair. I looked for the reason why she would do this and stumbled upon a disorder by the name of trichotillomania. After researching the disorder I realized that my daughter, in fact, has trichotillomania..


Trichotillomania is defined as the compulsive desire to pull one’s hair. This disorder affects 2 to 3 percent of the population and was added to the DSM-5 (medical disorder manual) in 2000, ironically the year she was born.


As an intervention I began to search up ways to treat trichotillomania, but came up with no answers. I later went to find my own way of helping my daughter with her hair loss, and hair extensions came to mind.


I ventured to find the perfect hair for my daughter and later Weave N Luxury was created. I installed Weave N Luxury’s 100% Human hair extensions in the places she pulled on her hair to create coverage, fullness, and frankly something to pull, other than her real hair.


Hair loss disorders like trich, alopecia universalis, alopecia areata or cancer can add a dent to one’s confidence. Weave completely changed the health of my daughter’s hair, it is now protected from her pulling and it is able to grow healthy underneath her installation. Not only did weave help her symptoms, but it also gave her quality human hair to wear as her own, giving  her a natural and beautiful intervention despite her disorder. She can now grow her natural hair back to its original health and not worry about the social anxiety of having bald spots in her hair.


Weave N Luxury 100% human hair extensions helps you see the beautiful you already are! My motto is,“I sell hair, because I care and because I care, sell luxurious hair.”

Our extensions are 100% human hair, easy to maintain, long lasting and tangle free.

The perfect extension for the already beautiful YOU!

Shop Weave N Luxury, Enhance your beautiful.