Rayshone Oliver

 Youngstown, OH 44512

Phone: 330-942-1777

Email:  rayshonemoliver@gmail.com

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© 2019 by Rayshone Oliver


What's up yo! Rayshone Oliver is my name and hair is my game. 

I am an advanced cosmetologist and the owner of Weave N Luxury LLC.

As a result of WNL ethnic women wake up everyday feeling confident, beautiful and loving their hair. The statistics say that 68% of women are unhappy with their hair but...

At Weave N Luxury, We truly believe 

Hair, does not make you beautiful, It helps the world see you are.  

Rayshone began Weave N Luxury when she learned her daughter had a disorder called trichotillomania. This disorder is characterized by a compulsive desire to pull one’s hair resulting in bald or thin patches.

Installing Weave N Luxury built her confidence, changed the way her peers viewed her and she felt beautiful, on the inside.  

Imagine, after years of unhappy hair, you wake up already softly styled feeling and looking fabulous.

We live in a busy world and technology fills so much of our time.

Truth is, people don’t care about who we are, they care how we help them.

So like the greats, Nike, Apple Disney etc, we are building a brand people want to invest in and care about. 

WNL provides a commodity, 100% human hair.

But when people think of WNL, I need them to feel something different than hair.

I want them to remember their smile after each compliment, the confidence they feel with their new unit and the beautiful energy they create for the world to see.

Weave N Luxury honors individuality, confidence and beauty. 

We truly believe,

Hair, does not make you beautiful,

It helps the world see you are.